Seminar Computational Neuroscience


Time and Room

Monday 16:30-18:00 in 2513.U1.24 starting from October 22, 2018


The seminar focuses on the theoretical and computational approaches used for understanding the principles governing the operation of nervous systems and the observed dynamical phenomena in neuroscience. We will consider how the methods of non-linear dynamical systems can be utilized to model neuronal dynamics with applications to empirical data and medicine. The discussed topics range from simple periodic oscillations to the whole-brain dynamical models based on neuroimaging data. A number of representative neuronal models of single neurons and neuronal populations will be considered illustrating different aspects of the neuronal dynamics. Special attention will be paid to the collective dynamics of neuronal networks.
Topics include:


Kreditpunkte / Modul

5 credit points will be given for a regular and active participation at the seminar and 1-2 (depending on difficulty) prepared presentations and projects. The seminar will consist by 50% of introductory lectures given by the Instructors.


Basic knowledge of dynamical systems and neuronal dynamics as well as numerical simulation methods and programming skills (such as C/C++/Python/Matlab) will be helpful.


Master students of mathematics, physics, biology, computer science and medicine with interests in modeling of neuronal activity by nonlinear dynamical systems are encouraged to participate.



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